Getting Support from my Family and Friends

I have found that getting support from the people closest to me in my life has been extremely important with my weight loss. While I think it’s certainly possible to lose weight without support, it is much easier. I told everyone I am close to about my efforts to lose weight as soon as I decided to start getting really serious about it. Everyone has been really great about providing me with the help and support I need to meet my fitness goals, and I very grateful for that.

One of the reasons I have struggled so much with weight loss in the past is because I never reached out for any sort of help or support from others. I have two different friends who are going to the gym with me on a regular basis, and one of them even decided to go on the same diet as me to show their full support. I find that losing weight is so much easier when you have people who are actually willing to make sacrifices themselves just to help you out.

Whenever I start to feel really depressed about my weight, I know that I have numerous people whom I can call just to talk things out. I don’t really want advice so much as I do just someone who is going to listen to me for a little bit. The stronger my support system became, the easier I found it was to keep losing weight.

While it may be true that I haven’t lost a ton of weight just yet, I know that having support from so many great people in my life is definitely going to help in a big way. At first it took a little bit of effort to open up to people about how I felt about myself, but I am so glad I did.

I highly recommend that anyone who is trying to lose weight to form a strong support system around themselves, as this will greatly increase your chances of meeting all of the fitness goals you create for yourself.